This HITS so hard. At the saddest time in my life I was writing poetry and music nearly daily. Now that I'm feeling fit & full, nothing comes. Regular journaling, just about the whatever of daily life, what I did that day, what I enjoyed and what I maybe didn't, sometimes will unlock something deeper and I'll write for pages and pages... but getting myself there is much harder. Love this :)

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i like how you wrote the whole thing in lower case. whats the significance of it?

anyway, thanks for writing, i can relate to the post. it make sense. we probably write it during down/sad moment is a good thing, as at least we are not escaping from reality or that feeling and jumping on watching tv, picking up phone or doing something that cheer us up (pretend) when the thing which is bothering us is not completely gone from inside us. writing it down helps us to face it, think clearly and we are putting it down on paper, that does sort of work of shrink i guess. with writing kind of it goes out of our system so that we can get going with other things/ tasks/ responsibility instead of keep our mind roaming around the unpleasant experience or thought because of which we are feeling sad.

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Natasha :

I love your writing. I too feel writing blogs has very therapeutic value. though what I discovered that when I write about things which I am grateful for like seeming minor thing like watching birds feed on our feeder, playing with your kids when they were young, going for your kids games, or taking long hot showers without being in rush, enjoying your cup of coffee without being in rush. the point is you write those small wonders in your life, it has double effect of bringing joy to me, one when writing & later reading comments of your friends. that ordinary moments of life becomes extra ordinary. So I always prefer to write what is working for me rather than what did not. So keep that green pen handy & keep writing about it & you will see how joy doubles.


Asha Aunty

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