thank you cb news + my next gig


subscribers: this newsletter usually goes out once a week, but i made an exception and doubled up this week due to some exciting news (!!). i’ll be away from keyboards until march 2, so expect no newsletters until then. 

after a life-changing year, today is my last day at crunchbase news. i am so thankful for my time with a great team. y’all made a move across the country a lesson in how change is worth it.

some quick thank you’s (bear with me): 

thanks to alex, who i was lucky enough to meet just when i was an intern at the sfchron. we co-hosted a podcast together on startups, and after working with him for a few months, i knew i had to work with him…period. thank you for your trust, i’m excited to trade notes and tackle stories coming up, and you are wrong about cold brew.

thanks to holden, who called me right before i got my formal offer to promise he’d work hard to mentor and edit me. he over-delivered on that, and even inspired me to start this newsletter in the first place.

thank you to jenna, who always pushes for bravery, ethics, and laughs each draft she edits.

thanks to savannah for teaching me how the heck to create a newsletter, but more importantly, how important self advocacy is. thank you to mary ann whose insane work ethic taught me that empathy is a competitive advantage. thank you to jason for patiently entertaining my weekly zoom calls and form d filing questions! thank you to sophia for always being down to grab a conference room for the day and talk shop. and thank you to joanna and gené for always sharing helpful tips. 

of course, thank you to dom and judy for making my stories sing with amazing illustrations and edits, respectively.

and finally thank you to everyone else at crunchbase for everything!  

more later, including where i’m going next, but first my words + reads:

my words: during my one year at crunchbase, which of course was kickstarted from our nifty rhode island hq right as lyft’s s-1 dropped, i wrote over 275 stories. 

etc: i covered everything from the woes that come with getting work authorization for immigrant entrepreneurs, to the loneliness that comes with being a founder. i also touched upon the growth of female-founded unicorns, and proudly uncovered how the obama campaign fueled a wave of startup founders. beyond that, i celebrated wins with the team and the company, from new partnerships to a series c. 

learning lesson: remote friendships are some of the most beautiful kinds you can have.


as for what’s next, i’m thrilled and excited to share that i’m joining techcrunch as a venture capital and startups reporter! i’ll be reporting for the main site and extra crunch

same beat, same city.

i start march 2, and i am so damn excited.

to new starts,


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